From Oct. 21st, Wisdom in the Mess,


From Oct. 14th, What Do You Do When You Are Afraid?


From Sept. 30th, Me First And The Gimmie Gimmies:


From Sept. 23rd, God’s Teeter-totter,


From Sept. 16th, Marco Polo Is Not A Complicated Game:


From Sept. 9th, How To Keep Someone From Ruining Your Family:


From August 12th, our Q&A period, Stump The Pastor (the end of the recording was cut-off, whoops!):


From August 5th, God’s Plan Works Out Just Fine:


From July 29th, The Nameless Servant:


From July 22nd, Abraham bought the farm and Sarah died (also including 20 epic dad jokes):


From July 15, Always Pull The Goalie (the second installment of our new series, The Mess In The Middle):


From June 17, Grace in Your Family:

Here’s a link to the music video by Andy Mineo that was shown during the message: Hear My Heart


From June 10, What To Do When A Relationship Explodes:


From June 3rd, Don’t Be Selfish:


From May 27th, True Friendship:


From May 20th, You’re Better Around Jesus:


From May 13th, God Made You Special and He Loves You Very Much (sorry, the recording got cut-off): 

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