From February 23rd, Gifts: Giving From God’s Abundance:


From February 16th, Sabbath: Keep It Holy:


From February 9th, Sabbath Is Celebration:


From February 2nd, Sin Against The Sabbath:


From January 26th, Busy To Still:


From January 19th, Soul Satisfaction:


From January 12th, Soul Security:


On January 5th we began a series entitled A Journey Toward Emotionally Healthy Spirituality. From that day, An Invitation To Emotionally Healthy Spirituality:


From Dec. 29th, Three Lessons From The Wisemen, by Don Harder:


From Dec. 22nd, Love Shows Up:


From Dec. 15th, The Joy of Waiting:


From Dec. 8th, The Disruption of Peace:


From Dec. 1st, our first advent message, Durable Hope:


From Nov. 24th, Keep Up The Pressure, a final message from 2 Corinthians:


From Nov. 17th, A Serious Misunderstanding:


From Nov. 10th, My Weakness and God’s Grace:


From October 20th, Values, Love and Faithfulness:


From October 6th, Legit:


From September 29, When You Give:


From September 22, Experiencing The Life Of Christ In Giving:


From September 8th, A Worshiping Community:


From September 1st, Put Your Cards On The Table:


From August 25th, New Patterns of Life:


From August 18th, What Drives The Gospel?:


From August 4th, Resurrection and Judgment:


From July 14th, Don’t Give Up!:


From June 30th, Trading On The Future:


From June 16th, a meditation on ‘Honor Your Mother and Father’:


From June 9th, Is The Gospel Still Good News?


From June 2nd, A Chicken, A Sack Of Grain, And A Fox (or Moses, The Israelites, and God at Mt. Sinai):


From May 19th, The Proof Is In The Spirit:


From May 5th, Seeing Grace Around Us:


From April 28th, beginning a series on 2 Corinthians, The God Who Comforts:

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