From Jan. 13th, Called:


From Jan. 6th, Predestined:


From Dec. 30th, beginning a new series on Romans 8:29&30 called Five Words, Foreknown:


From Dec. 23rd, I Am The Light Of The World:


From Dec. 16th, The True Light:


From Dec. 9th, The People Walking In Darkness,


From Nov. 4th, Injustice Has No Expiry Date,


From Oct. 21st, Wisdom in the Mess,


From Oct. 14th, What Do You Do When You Are Afraid?


From Sept. 30th, Me First And The Gimmie Gimmies:


From Sept. 23rd, God’s Teeter-totter,


From Sept. 16th, Marco Polo Is Not A Complicated Game:


From Sept. 9th, How To Keep Someone From Ruining Your Family:


From August 12th, our Q&A period, Stump The Pastor (the end of the recording was cut-off, whoops!):


From August 5th, God’s Plan Works Out Just Fine:


From July 29th, The Nameless Servant:


From July 22nd, Abraham bought the farm and Sarah died (also including 20 epic dad jokes):


From July 15, Always Pull The Goalie (the second installment of our new series, The Mess In The Middle):


From June 17, Grace in Your Family:

Here’s a link to the music video by Andy Mineo that was shown during the message: Hear My Heart


From June 10, What To Do When A Relationship Explodes:


From June 3rd, Don’t Be Selfish:


From May 27th, True Friendship:


From May 20th, You’re Better Around Jesus:


From May 13th, God Made You Special and He Loves You Very Much (sorry, the recording got cut-off): 

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