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Having answered all questioners in the arena of theological conundrums, Jesus now offers up His own. First He quotes Psalm 110:1, then asks,

“If then David calls him ‘Lord,’ how can he be his son?”

Matthew 22:45

It was a commonly understood that the Messiah would eventually come through the royal line of David, making him in someway subordinate to David. Yet this psalm, which Jews acknowledged as Messianic, had David hailing this descendant as his Lord. Perplexing.

Of course, we can see it all in 20/20 with benefit of hindsight. Yes, He is a descendant of David (on both sides of the family in fact). But as the creed states He is “fully God, fully man”. And so David rightly calls Him Lord. John declares in his revelation that one day every tongue will confess the same.

But verse 46 makes clear that this stumped Jesus’ challengers. He had wowed them with His own wisdom and stopped them in their tracks with His own challenge.

Have you ever had a time in your life where it just seemed like there was no way out? No path forward? It can get pretty dark; I’ve been there myself a few times. Maybe in your in that spot right now. It can be difficult to talk to anyone about it. Sometimes you’re embarrassed at the mess. Maybe it’s just so complicated, the idea of explaining it someone who could help you is exhausting.

And yet Jesus is there too. He knows where you are, betwixt and between. And He knows. And He is wise. That which confounds every living being on this planet (dark matter, Schrodinger’s cat, why people shred carrots into lime jello), is no mystery to Him. And your life is laid bare before Him. Why not talk to Him about it?

I know why I avoid it sometimes. Because it is not like asking Google. I can get my question answered and carry on with my day there. If I really don’t want to hear anymore about it, I delete my search history and clear my cookies.

Why I talk to Jesus, I am involved in relationship. I may get my answer. But I may get much more than I expected. You might too. You might get hope.

Lord, I am unwise. Hear my prayer.

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