Ain’t No Rest For The Righteous

At my last church, I had a small office. It was quite comfortable for me (spacious as far as cubicles are concerned, but not overly large for two. So it was a memorable afternoon when for one reason or another (lost to my memory now), my wife joined me there to do some work of her own. Now I am to my mind prone to distraction. So when we got home, I took the comment personally: “How do you get any work done there?”

But she didn’t mean it that way. She was referring to the usual bustle of phone calls, a question from the secretary, or someone poking their head in at the door. I was so inured to it, I had not even noticed it. Sometimes we get that way with statements of setting or timeline in the Gospels. But notice it here in Matthew nine:

“While he saying this…”

“Just then a woman…”

“As Jesus went on from there…”

“While they were going out…”

Matthew 9: 18, 20, 27, 32.

The passage from verses 18 through 34 of chapter nine of Matthew’s gospel could be divided into two miraculous healings, or into four miracles, or one episode that just keeps getting interrupted. If the Man had any of His own plans for that day, I doubt they were executed.

Now we might conjecture that He, being Almighty God, foresaw these interjections and so had already couched His expectations appropriately. Possibly. Or is it that He saw that the healing of everyone of these hurting people represented precisely the reason He was on earth? Like a master cobbler, He lays aside the pair of work boots aside when the Queen brings in her prized high heels. It is no inconvenience, it is an honor.

Covid 19 has been, at the very least, inconvenient. We have had to change many of our plans for this year and it’s not over yet. But what work has been laid in your lap now? What might you lay your hand to that otherwise might have been overlooked?

Lord, you took no mind of interruptions. I am glad to be one.

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