When I was 18 and considering post-secondary education, a number of people I respected recommended Peace River Bible Institute. I applied and was accepted early in the spring. And life carried on. There were final exams to write, my part-time job, and plans for the summer at bible camp. Then seemingly out of the blue, I received an unexpected invitation. The admissions counselor from PRBI called me up. “I see we’ve sent you a catalogue on our school. I was wondering if you had any further thoughts on whether you would like to consider attending?”

Chuckling, I responded: “Well, since I’ve had an acceptance letter for a couple months, yes, I had planned on attending.” Some people just won’t take yes for an answer it seems.

In what is probably my favorite invitation of the Bible, certainly my favorite section of the Sermon On The Mount, we have another instance where things just seem too easy.

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened you.”

Matthew 7:7

Christians have a reputation for being close-minded. I would not be surprised to find it an accurate assessment in many cases. But this verse speaks to me an openness, an inquisitiveness, a curiosity on the part of Christ that tells me that close-mindedness does not reflect the Almighty. He invites us to find out who He is, to ask big questions and requests and to expect good things.

There is a joy bubbling under these words. There is a spring lying just beneath the surface, waiting to gush forth life. And all we have to do is look for it. It’s so simple.

But it is also difficult. We are not askers by nature. We are takers, not receivers. And our North American culture probably does us no favors in this regard either. We do not like to be in the position (or even the affect) of charity. We like to earn our way, achieve our own goals and generally make our own way.

Yet the way to a relationship with God requires a kind of humility, the simplicity of surrender, the acknowledgement that I am seeking Someone above and beyond myself.

So ask. Seek. Knock.

Lord, I want to know You and Your Life in me.

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