“Because Joseph her husband was faithful to the law, and yet did not want to expose her to public disgrace, he had in mind to divorce her quietly.”

Matthew 1:19

Little do we imagine the chaos created when God gives us that for which we ask. To be sure, the Messiah was the “Long Expected Jesus” as the song proclaims, the one toward whom Israel had casting their collective gaze for hundreds of years. Yet when the time finally comes, here is Joseph, betwixt and between, caught between the rules and obvious trust and affection for Mary. Thankfully, the details of his betrothal were not to be worked out according to chance.

Ministering as a youth pastor in a small church gives you ample opportunity to experience disappointment, at least it did for me. But the real curve balls are the smashing successes. They can catch you off guard. After a few staggering turnouts for bible study nights, Tabitha and I decided that while we might experience sadness when things don’t turn out how we hoped but we would no longer be unprepared for getting exactly what we had asked. Every opportunity given us would be used to teach the gospel and how it applies to life. Whether we had to teach one or one hundred, we were going to do it well.

Joseph was a devout man. He was no doubt waiting for the liberation of Israel. But he was unprepared to be father to its Liberator. It seems however, that he did a fine job of stepping into the role God gave him.

What about you? You might not have chosen your situation in life, the circumstances you find yourself in. Yet, I suspect it was not something God left entirely to to chance? Is it a burden or an opportunity? Are you shy? Own it. Are you gifted? Be the smartest in the class. And while you’re at it, let your light shine.

Lord, let that light which you have given me, burn brightly.

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