Finishing Work

My wife’s grandfather was quote to say that “You can preach a sermon on any verse in the Bible.” My father-in-law, then a young man, tasked him with preaching on 1 Chronicles 1:25, “Eber, Peleg, Reu”. The gauntlet thrown down, Grandpa Bob used it as his text the next Sunday. His son was impressed; some 40 years later, he could still remember it.

There are no uninspired bits to the Bible and so with that in mind consider this one:

Tell Archippus: “See to it that you complete the ministry you have received in the Lord.”

Colossians 4:17

Archippus was someone in particular in the city of Colosse and yet he could be any of us. I think now a fitting season to call this verse to mind. We are likely to continue to have time laying on our hands in the short term; Covid-19 is still a thing. So why not finish some things up?

A friend who serves at a Bible camp in Brazil wrote a few weeks ago. They are doing exactly that; finishing things well. Like many busy camps, the facilities are built to serve a particular need without too much window dressing. This has become a season of catching up on details; painting, trim, small electrical jobs. They are calling this project “From Functional to Finished”.

Do you have functional areas in your life, your home, your vehicle? Projects left undone that could be cleaned up? Bits of character that occasionally cause friction, but that you’v never cared enough to explore? Why not take that time now? Why not emerge from this pandemic spiritually sound, emotionally whole, or at least with a clean utility room?

It’s Canada Day, so here’s a quote from that venerable Canuck sage, Red Green. After duct taping a hole closed, he pronounces: “That’s temporary, unless it works.” Go ahead, tear up some duct tape and fix things properly. Let the Holy Spirit have His way in you.

Lord, I know you intend to do something wonderfully glorious with me, something that brings You honor and glory. I submit myself to You.

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