We have a one year old and our sleeping patterns show it. The past couple nights have proved challenging and I notice somethings about myself now. I am lethargic (more so than usual). Being tired also makes me sad; not just irritable, but despondent all on my own. Amazing what difference a little sleep makes.

Then I get to thinking about sleep in general. It is an odd process. The mind goes through all kinds of strange operations in sleep and our muscles generally renew themselves. But why sleep? Why make it necessary to so many creatures, man included? The heart performs its work ceaselessly, without a break? Why not design the human body that way too?

I, like most children of the 90’s, enjoy Seinfeld the tv show. Its appeal was summed up best by one of the characters, George Castanza: “Everybody’s doing something. We’ll do nothing!” It truly was a show about nothing. People like to have some space in their life for nothing.

No, they need space in their life for nothing. Sleep reminds us of that. When chores, obligations and activities get piled sky high, we still have eight hours for nothing. If we refuse to let go off these things mentally, our sleep is clouded, distressed, no longer restful. We don’t get all the nothing we need.

Jesus spoke to a rich young ruler once who was searching for what was most important in life (Matthew 19). After examining his life in light of the Torah, Jesus tells him the thing he lacks is this:

“If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.”

Matthew 19:21

The ruler was not missing out on possessing anything; what he needed was some more nothing. And went away distressed, because he could give up how tightly packed he had made his. He didn’t want nothing, even if it put him in the presence of God Himself.

What can just drop in order for you to know God better?

Lord, I lie down and sleep; I wake because You sustain me.

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