In The Sun

This year my backyard garden plot got a significant head start. I bought a growth light. I have started seedlings in previous years with disappointing results. The problem is that the 3 south facing windows in my home are not suitable for growing seedlings.

But I thought the window in my office would work. I get sunshine glaring right into the room most of the winter. So I set a tray of seedlings atop a bookshelf that would place them level with the windowsill. No luck. The same stringy, spindly seedlings as previous years.

Upon further examination, the window has a foot of overhang above it outside and the sun is high even now in spring that my seedlings are near the sunlight, but not in it.

Isn’t that just like our life in Christ? We figure out where He is at work in us or in our world and so we rush over there. We might find some consolation in the Son for a while, but before long, He moves on. He is always moving.

But Jesus told him, “Follow me, and let the dead bury their own dead.”

Matthew 8:22

We wish to stay a while. To build some private reserve to aid us in future challenges. But Christ offers us none. He gives us only our need of the moment. Like the manna in the wilderness, our constant need for Him is intended to drive us nowhere than into His presence. All futures without Him are more dead than any of our ancestors of the past. So we bury them. We hold unsweringly to the path He treads before us, we take the brisk walk of discipleship that affords us life in His presence.

Lord, as I walk with You, shed Your light on me.

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