Joy Of Another

My youngest child has been sick this week. In the way of stomach flus, it presented itself at 1am and with much laundry. The other kids are busy with school, their mother with teaching, so it was “Bring Your Sick Child To Work Day”.

Nothing makes this father’s heart winge quite like a sick baby. There is just something that tugs at you when the poor little things can only express their distress in sad eyes and a limp body. But the truth is I did not mind him being with me one bit. Sure, I had to setup a playpen in which he could sleep and keep the bucket close at hand. But I liked having him with me for a couple days.

There is a joy to being around another person. Many of us are being reminded of this daily in isolation. But what strikes me is that this is in no way diminished by the effort necessary to care for them. Because I love my son, I am glad to do this and be with him. It is not a weight. It is a privilege.

I do not always feel this way. But today, my feelings remind of a truth that does not change. And they point me to my Heavenly Father, who is not burdened by my care. He revels in it. He longs for me to let Him care for me, rather than me turning to my own devices.

Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.

1 Peter 5:7

If you are like me, you have a social reflex that keeps you from asking too much of any one person, lest your relationship become onerous to them. We need have no fear of that with God. He’s just glad to have us around.

Lord, I am weak and I need you to carry me.

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