I keep driving by the same carcass. Laying just inside what could be considered the ditch, it draws my eyes with its morbid fascination. With each trip past the animal becomes more skeletal and the crows (at least to the mind’s eye) become more plump. In a season where one snowfall seems to melt only to be covered by another, a roadkill calendar marks the passage of days.

Have you noticed that? Not the stiff. The passage of time. No doubt you have. For many it has slowed to a crawl. Perhaps you are cooped up with a pack of small children; each new dawn announces a day yawning before you, filled with tears, shrieks and poop jokes. Perhaps you are all alone; each day a seemingly unbearable burden of solitaire games and scrolling through social media.

But whether slowly or quickly, time ticks on. The world revolves without our help. The crows do their grizzly work with barely a flap of their wings for all the vehicles we send blasting past them.

Hear the words of the sage:

I know that everything God does will endure forever; nothing can be added to it and nothing taken from it. God does it so that people will fear him.”

~Solomon, Ecclesiastes 3:15.

We are one and all helpless before the effects of Covid-19 and our government imposed isolation. But we do have the choice to make the most of it. Maybe your first step is to simply take stock of all the things in your world and all of creation that continue unabated and be grateful. I keep filling my gas tank at the service station. I’m thankful for the men and women working there and at the refineries to keep me on the road. The plows that clear the streets and highways with Sisyphean endurance. Thank God for these necessities and all the rest. The magpie that keeps fluttering through my backyard. The face of a child who without words can convey a half dozen different emotions and questions in the space of a breath.

Time seems to pile one uncertainty on top of another for us. And God, one wonder atop the next.

Open my eyes Lord, to your wonders anew.

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